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A Pterodactyl addon that add the possibility for the users to change the start command used for their server from a list defined by an administrator

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This addon requires Pterodactyl 1.x.x!

This addon for Pterodactyl is a very useful addon for Pterodactyl users who want to customize their game server startup command. With this addon, users can easily modify their server startup command using the corresponding dropdown on the Startup page. Once installed, it will allows users to choose from a list of predefined startup commands defined per Egg by the administrators. This can be useful for users who want to change the server version, enable specific mods or plugins, or make modifications to their server configuration.


  • You can set multiple commands per Egg
  • The user will only see the commands corresponding to the ones attributed to the Egg of his server
  • When there is no Start Command for the Egg of a server, the dropdown won't show
  • Permission for sub-users to change the start command
  • The start commands defined in the admin area supports the variables of the associated Egg - Configuration of the addon by the admin part of Pterodactyl
  • Can be installed by us
  • Support is even given if you have a custom Pterodactyl theme
  • And more if you ask to !

Instructions :

All the necessary instructions for the installation are available on our documentation available here.

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  • You will not reproduce it. You may not reproduce it or copy it to sell it under another name.
  • Updates are not guaranteed. We can stop supporting this addon any time.
  • No refunds will be made. If you have a problem with the addon open a ticket on our Discord.
  • Support is provided on our Discord. You will receive an answer within 12 hours.

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