FiveM Addons Pack [1.X]

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Release 1.7.0 (Updated )


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FiveM Addons Pack [1.X]

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Bagou450 developement

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When you buy this you get 7 addon :

Pterodactyl Addon [1.X] - PhpMyAdmin Button

Pterodactyl Addon [1.X] - TxAdmin Button

Pterodactyl Addon [1.X] - TxAdmin Auto Setup

Pterodactyl Addon [1.X] - Artifacts Changer

Pterodactyl Addon [1.X] - FiveM GameBuild Changer

Pterodactyl Addon [1.X] - FiveM Resources Manager

Pterodactyl Addon [1.X] - FiveM SQL Connection String


Pterodactyl Addon [1.X] - Server BanIp

Some link can not work for moment because some addons still in uploading!

Only for 30$!

Supported Pterodactyl Panel Versions - 1.4.2, 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.6.X, 1.7.X, 1.8.X, 1.9.X, 1.10.X, 1.11.X

Please note that by purchasing and using this addon, you agree that:

-Don't Resell this addon.

-Don't give this to other people.

-No refund

-Don't Copy this addon.

If you have any questions you can :

-Contact me on discord (48 hours answer time)

-Send a SMS to +33 7 56 89 00 36 (Unsurcharged number, No call) (6 hours answer time)

-Send a email to [email protected] (12 hours answer time)