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Automatic-phpMyAdmin for Pterodactyl

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Release 1.5.0-PATCH (Updated )


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A button to automatically connect to a server database instantly on phpMyAdmin

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AktiCube Development Team

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This addon requires Pterodactyl 1.x.x!

You have probably already seen buttons allowing you to go to your phpMyAdmin page from your Pterodactyl panel but have you ever seen a button allowing you to automatically connect to this database? That's what this addon offers you. A secure and efficient way for your users to automatically connect to the database of their choice with an additional permission available for sub-users.



  • Secured by encrypted cookie
  • Permissions for sub-users
  • Support is even given if you have a custom Pterodactyl theme
  • Works on all 1.X versions of Pterodactyl
  • The installation by us is free (even installing phpMyAdmin on a custom domain like

Things added soon: 

  • Configuration of the addon by the admin part of Pterodactyl

Instructions :

All the necessary instructions for the installation are available on our documentation available here.

Please note that by purchasing and using this addon, you agree that :

  • You will not share it. You are the sole owner and user of this addon.
  • You will not reproduce it. You may not reproduce it or copy it to sell it under another name.
  • Updates are not guaranteed. We can stop supporting this addon any time.
  • No refunds will be made. If you have a problem with the addon open a ticket on our Discord.
  • Support is provided on our Discord. You will receive an answer within 12 hours.

If you have any questions before you buy or even after you buy, feel free to join our Discord so we can help you.

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