Discord Role Manager [v1.x]

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Release 1.3.0 (Updated )


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Automatically give role in discord server to clients.

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This is an addon for Pterodactyl Panel [v1.x]

Description: Automatically give role in your discord server to clients who have server in pterodactyl or he is added to any server as subuser.

With this addon you can easily make "clients-only" channels, etc...


  1. Follow the instructions in:
  • PanelEdit.txt
  • DiscordHelp.txt


  • You may not resell this addon
  • You may not send this addon to others
  • You may not upload this addon to any third party sites
  • You may not install this addon on multiple servers without consent
  • Support is not guaranteed
  • Maintaining the addon is not guaranteed
  • You may not request a refund
  • You may not chargeback