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Release v2.2.0 (Updated )


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What people always wanted, a simple to install fastdownload with support for all games.

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This addon will only work for Pterodactyl [1.X]

What is FastDownload?

FastDownload is the method of using a HTTP(S) server for file hosting used in game servers to allow players to quickly download files such as maps, player models, materials & others for use on your server.

Source Games Servers require FastDownload. Example of Source Games are: Garry's Mod, Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Counter Strike Source & others

Supported Games:

All games (If you found a game without support for it, It can be easily done in 10 seconds, contact for more help support)


Will broke when the pterodactyl panel will be upgraded, depend on games. (But you only need to redo 1 step to get it working back, very fast 40 seconds - 1 minute). The addon doesn't copy + paste the files in another location to serve for servers. (The amount of space on your hard-disk/ssd will be saved, in specially for games like CS:GO). The addon doesn't use location names, it's using the Node FQDN automatically. All the process behind is done automatically on server creation. That means will be ready to use, when the server is fully installed.That addon doesn't require user to synchronize the files.


Follow the instructions in: InstallationGuide.txt


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