Product Releases: Nebula

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  • stable v1.8-3 - 

    Add some useful new keybinds, improve the loading bar and add dismissable alerts.

  • stable v1.8-2 - 

    Some user-interface problems regarding the wide transparent sidebar have been fixed, the codebase has been massively improved, new welcome overlay and more.

  • stable v1.8-1 - 

    Changed some logic for detecting if Nebula is installed to the official demo instance (to simplify deployment) and improved centering icons and text on the new wide sidebar type.

  • stable v1.8 - 

  • stable v1.7-3 - 

    Previous version was incorrectly exported, this release fixes that.

  • stable v1.7-2 - 

    Another day, another Nebula update. This release adds a new "factory reset" option, a brand new icon pack and server style configurability. We've also done some stuff behind the scenes to make your experience just that tiny bit better.

  • stable v1.7-1 - 

    Some users experienced issues with the "Discord" social website button, this hotfix aims to release that alongside introducing a "Feedback" button.

  • stable v1.7 - 

  • stable v1.6.3 - 

    Fixes a missing button in the dropdown menu.

  • stable v1.6.2 - 

    General improvements, bug-fixes and a new and improved context menu for the file manager.

  • stable v1.6.1 - 

    Minor patches and stability improvements.

  • stable v1.6 - 

  • stable v1.5.2 - 

    User interface and experience improvements as well as some minor bug fixes.

  • stable v1.5.1 - 

    Fixed potential error for users who are updating Nebula and fix minor admin configuration ui bug.

  • stable v1.5 - 

  • stable v1.4.6 - 

    Fix duplicate activity button in sidebar.

  • stable v1.4.5 - 

    Right clicking sidebar items will now show a custom context menu and a bug regarding backup context menu's has been fixed.

  • stable v1.4.4 - 

    Overall user interface and stability improvements.

  • stable v1.4.3 - 

    Bugfixes regarding the sidebar on some pages, new configuration options and stability updates.

  • stable v1.4.2 - 

    Fix for unresponsive sidebar when editing files or schedules.

  • stable v1.4.1 - 

    This update brings improved performance, new keyboard shortcuts, new custom background appearance options, stability improvements and bugfixes.

  • stable v1.4 - 

  • stable v1.3 - 

  • stable v1.2.1 - 

    Fix "500 server error" on authentication page.

  • stable v1.2 - 

  • stable v1.1 - 

  • stable v1.0 - 

    Initial release