Node Backup for Pterodactyl

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Release v1.1.4 (Updated )


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A complete node backup system for Pterodactyl

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This addon requires Pterodactyl 1.x.x!

Managing and safeguarding your Pterodactyl game server nodes has never been easier with Node-Backup. Our powerful addon offers a comprehensive solution for effortlessly creating backups of your Pterodactyl nodes. Whether you're a server administrator or a gaming enthusiast, Node-Backup empowers you to ensure the safety of your valuable data, configurations, and progress. Say goodbye to the worry of potential data loss or disruptions. Node-Backup's intuitive interface lets you schedule automated backups, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. With Node-Backup, you can restore your nodes to a desired state with just a few clicks, reducing downtime and minimizing disruptions for both you and your community. Experience peace of mind knowing that your Pterodactyl nodes are backed up securely and efficiently. Embrace the power of Node-Backup and elevate your server management game.

You can test it on with the following credentials:

  • Username: demo
  • Password: demo


  • Nodes can be divided into "groups" so that their configuration can be managed individually.
  • S3-Servers different from those used by the default Pterodactyl backup system.
  • A group of nodes allows :
    • Define the maximum size allowed for a server to be backed up.
    • The number of days for which the backup will be kept.
    • The number of backups that can be performed simultaneously to avoid overloading the wings.
    • To choose an S3-Server specific to this group in order to have load-balancing, or else to carry out the backup directly locally on each node using the wings.
    • A cronjob defining when a backup should be performed.
    • A list of files on the servers being backed up that can be ignored.
    • Whether the group is enabled or disabled:
      • If the group is enabled, a backup will be performed at the time defined by the cronjob, and backups with a creation date greater than the limit of days they can be kept will be deleted.
      • If the group is deactivated, nothing will be done except for manual creation/removal of backups.
  • Backups in progress can be stopped at any time.
  • Option of downloading individual server backups.
  • Failed backups can be re-run.
  • Restoring individual or group backups can be done as follows:
    • In the classic way, the files are simply rewritten on the existing server from the backup.
    • The recreation method, in the event that the server hosting the node is completely dead and inaccessible, the servers can be created anew from the chosen backup on another node of your choice (available only if you are using a S3-Server).
  • Statistics to see how the size of all the backups changes over time, etc.
  • No Wings Modification needed, this is only a "Panel-Edit" addon.
  • Support is even given if you have a custom Pterodactyl theme or other addons installed.
  • And more if you ask!

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  • Updates are not guaranteed. We can stop supporting this addon any time.
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