Permission-Manager for Pterodactyl

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Release 1.0.0-MAJOR (Updated )


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A permission management role-based system for Pterodactyl

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This addon requires Pterodactyl 1.x.x!

Permission-Manager is an addon for Pterodactyl that facilitates the management of users and permissions on your panel. It allows you to create roles with well-defined permissions, such as access to specific part of your admin panel or to some permissions of the user-side. These roles can then be added to a specific user, allowing you to limit a user's permissions without having to give them administrator permissions. This can be especially useful if you have users who need access to certain features, but not others. In addition, it allows you to better control the actions of users on the server, thus reducing the risk of accidental or malicious damage. Using Permission-Manager, you can easily manage users and permissions on your Pterodactyl server, while maintaining a high level of security.


  • Realized with the objective of making it as secure as possible
  • Role system with specific permissions
  • Allows you to give permissions to other addons both on the client side (as long as they use Pterodactyl's built-in permission for the sub-users system) and on the admin side with the corresponding routes
  • Everything from the client side can be allowed or restriced as a permission
  • SFTP works if the permission is given
  • Allows to restrict the display of different parts of the admin side on the navbar depending on the user's permissions
  • Keeps the default administrator system in Pterodactyl functional
  • Can be installed by us
  • And more if you ask to !

Sad things:

  • A user that has access to the admin area will have to access it manually by adding /admin at the end of the URL (will be fixed in next update)

Instructions :

All the necessary instructions for the installation are available on our documentation available here.

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  • Updates are not guaranteed. We can stop supporting this addon any time.
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