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Release v1.9.5 (Updated )


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The easy to use pterodactyl discord Bot.

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Tired of trying to remember server UUID's?


* Can be used both as an admin api and client api bot.

* It can even be run on multiple discord servers at once! (∞™)

* Easy to use search function.

* Every 2 second console refreshing.

* Easy setup.

* Automatic updates on bot restart.

* Translation support

There is no granular permission support (for example for free hosting).

Different commands are available based on api keys.

This means that if you can host the bot, you can easily use it on any pterodactyl hosting provider.

Languages currently supported:

de en-us fr hu lt pl pt-br ru zh-tw vi + anything you ask.


A working pterodactyl panel for use with bot and hosting the egg.

Only an egg is provided. If you want to deploy not in panel contact on discord.


Live Node (buy separetly)

Command Admin User Description
/help Shows all commands available
/console Shows console for 2 minutes, can be refreshed to extended time (see /liveserver for permanent)
/backups Shows backups, allows to create, delete, lock backups.
/rename Rename a server
/send Send a command to server
/servers Shows all servers, has action buttons for starting, stoping, console, etc.
/userconf Configure your own api key as a user
/aeggs Show all eggs that are installed
/anodes Show all nodes
/aservers Shows all servers, has action buttons for starting, stoping and admin actions as suspend, reinstall
/ausers Shows all users and their associated servers
/template Allows for creation of server templates (for using with /create command)
/create Allows creation of servers from templates and manually, also allows to create users
/reboot Reboots the bot (if it's managed under pterodactyl)
/set A place to set bot settings
/liveserver Allows to create a server embed, which always updates and has buttons for starting, stopping.
/mylevel Shows current permission level
/ping Shows latency to the bot
  • You cannot: Resell, Redistribute or Repost this bot
  • No refunds