Product Releases: SFTP Permissions

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  • stable v1.4.0 - 
    • Fixed a bug with archiving files (despite the lock they were in the archive).
    • Added blocking of files in backups (only manually done by the user).
    • Changed installation of the addon in the panel part.
  • stable v1.3.2 - 
    • Fix issue with archives and backups
  • stable v1.3.1 - 

    Fixing an error from displaying files for Root Admin Improved error handling

  • stable v1.3 - 
    • Added options to choose whether the user should see locked files in each lock
    • Added options for egg dependent locks
  • stable v1.2 - 

    Code optimization Fixing known security bugs

  • stable v1.1.1 - 

    Change the method of executing API requests from GET to POST

  • stable v1.1.0 - 

    Added options to hide files in webftp and sftp instead of simply taking away editing permissions. To hide files, set the "SFTP_PERMISSIONS_HIDE_FILES" variable to "true" in the .env file.

  • stable v1.0 - 

    First Release